New You: Health Trends for 2019

Whether or not you’re ready to pack away the decorations for another year, the chances are the mince pie coma will have started to lift by now, and you’ll be thinking about the New Year ahead. So, what’s on the agenda for the health-conscious among us? Here are the biggest health trends for 2019…

Image Credit @ Marcus Ohlsson for Porter Magazine

Last year was all about ketogenic diets, strength training, gut health and rewriting the superfood rule-book, but what’s on the wellness agenda for 2019? The biggest health trends of this year are set to be about making our diets and lifestyles more eco-friendly, plus improving our health with improved sleep practices and routines. Ready to start the year the way you mean to go on? Check out my round-up of the biggest health trends.

Image Credit @ Marcus Ohlsson for Porter Magazine

Health Trends for 2019

Image Credit @ Marcus Ohlsson for Porter Magazine
  1. Eco-Keto Diet

    Ketogenic diets have been huge for 2018, with no sign of the trend slowing down for 2019. Keto diets are very low-carb, high fat, high protein diets that essentially send the body into a state of ketosis to increase the metabolism. But protein-diets aren’t necessarily very easy on the environment, so to fit the growing eco-friendly and vegan communities, prepare to hear more about eco-keto diets in the New Year. The diet will rely more on plant proteins and dairy-free alternatives, minimising meat intake (or eradicating it altogether).

  2. Anti-Inflammatory Diet Heroes

    Developing last year’s gut health trend, this year’s superfoods will be all about their anti-inflammatory powers. While tomatoes, berries and green leafy vegetables are already on our check list, 2019’s new food to watch will be the elderberry. Prepare for elderberry-inspired recipes and health drinks aplenty…

  3. Bakuchiol

    Bored of hearing people raving about retinol? Be the first to switch it up for the gentler, natural alternative Bakuchiol, which will be on the health and skin agenda for 2019. There are already Bakuchiol products on the market, so add it to your ingredient checklist if you want to give it a go.

  4. Indoor Gym

    As self-care trends continue to rise and people seek more flexible ways to fit exercise into their lifestyles, at-home workouts will increase in popularity. On the cards for 2019? Strength workouts using flexible bands that take little to no space to store but can tone and strengthen the whole body.

  5. Sleep Health

    As our lives get ever busier, it can be harder and harder to get a good night’s sleep. One of the biggest health trends for 2019 focuses on improving our sleep quality through improved bedtime rituals, routines and behaviours, and keeping sleep logs to keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

  6. Going Sober

    Forget Dry January, it’s predicted that more and more people will choose to extend their booze-free lifestyle for the whole year, with more alcohol-free premium drinks than ever coming to market and bars shifting from just cocktails and dancing to a host of activities that can be enjoyed sober. Will you make it through 2019 without a hangover?

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