Health & Wellness Trends 2020

If the mince pie coma has finally lifted, you might just be ready to think about the New Year ahead. Want to know what’s on the agenda for the health-conscious amongst us? Here’s what’s trending on the health and wellness scene…

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Last year’s health and wellness trends included anti-inflammatory diets, at-home workouts and extending Dry January throughout the year. But what does this year have in story? If you’re thinking about more ways to look after yourself and improve your health for 2020, how about checking out the top wellness trends for the new decade? This year’s fitness trends range from new yoga techniques to giving surfing a try, while on the wellness scene CBD products continue to boom but we’re also set to take things back to basics and learn how to breathe correctly. Check out my round-up of the biggest health and fitness trends for 2020.

Image Credit @ Marcus Ohlsson for Porter Magazine

5 Top Wellness Trends 2020

Image Credit @ Marcus Ohlsson for Porter Magazine
  1. CBD

    CBD oil products continue to blur the line between beauty and wellness, with a boom in production of new products and increased searches across the board. Available in a range of skincare products and beauty oils to benefit your skin condition (thanks to its antioxidant and therefore anti-ageing properties), it can also be taken as a drop or in edible form and it particularly popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. Find out more about CBD Oil in my guide.

  2. Jiriki Yoga

    The worldwide obsession with yoga shows no signs of slowing in the new decade and people continue to look for more ways to elevate their practice. Jiriki is a Japanese technique taught by Marie Yagami and created by her father Yu Yagami. The intention is to reinstate the free-flow of chi through the body and teach you to listen to your body better.

  3. Biohacking

    You might have heard murmurings about the biohacking health trend for the last few years, but 2020 is set to be the year it goes global. It sounds confusing, but in actual fact it’s just using our own unique biology to lead our nutrition plan. Bellecell Clinic is now open in London, a biohacking clinic calling itself the home of molecular wellness, where you can expect treatments such as bioanalysis, IV infusions, genetic testing and ozone therapy.

  4. Surf School

    Surfing will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020, so this sport will go from strength to strength in the next decade. Not only a fantastic form of exercise, the solo sport requires both physical and mental strength, and many find the benefits go beyond fitness as the hours alone in the waves do wonders for wellbeing, too. Why not ditch your annual mediation retreat and give one of the new surfing retreats a try this year?

  5. And, Breathe

    We spend a lot of our time talking about the benefits of self-care and meditation nowadays, but a lot of these relaxation endeavours are destined to fail if we don’t take it back to basics. 2020 will see a rise in popularity for apps to help us practice better breathing techniques. Studies show that practicing 25 minutes of these techniques can improve cognitive function and boost energy levels. Try Prana Breath or Breathe2Relax.

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