Lazy Girl’s Guide to Shaking off those Winter Blues

Spring is here, but we know how it feels to be stuck in a rut from Winter. Chase those Winter blues away with the following five easy steps...

Image Credit @ Inez and Vinoodh for The Gentlewoman

Now we are finally in Spring, it is important to shake off any Winter Blues that you may have after the lingering cold weather. So I’m hear to help with my top recommendations to put that Spring back into your step.

Image Credit @ Inez and Vinoodh for The Gentlewoman

5 easy steps to shake off those winter blues

Image Credit @ Inez and Vinoodh for The Gentlewoman

    Not to jump on the mindfulness bandwagon, but taking the time to slow down and re-set can have a really positive impact on your mood. Studies have shown that using mindfulness and meditation to de-stress significantly reduces anxiety and increases our ability to focus and be creative.


    I do EMS training at the Joshi Clinic on Wimpole St once a week. I love to work out (Yoga in London, Body by Simone in NYC) but I don’t always have time. This 20-minute workout is amazing! It gives your body the equivalent of 4 hours in the gym through a system of electrical impulses that contract your muscles to mimic the natural action of your central nervous system. It’s gentle exercise and loads of fun, athletes do it too. It is scientifically proven to strengthen and tone your body by targeting muscles you don’t normally use to balance out the body.

  3. JUICE!

    Whether it’s green juice, vegetable juice or a shot of cold pressed ginger – drinking your vitamins is a great way to cleanse the body and get rid of any lingering sickness left over from Winter. I love using a juicer or Nutribullet when I’m at home. I focus on ingredients like kale, mint, rhubarb, beetroot, carrot, spinach and cucumber to kick-start my system at the beginning of the day. Coconut water makes a great base too.


    There are some really great facialists in London and New York. I love Sarah Chapman in London, Tracie Martyn in New York, Organic Pharmacy (London and New York), the Decleor facial at Azure beauty in London and Omoroviczsa at Liberty in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York. When the seasons change it’s important to give your skin the chance to reset. I recommend a facial at least once every four months or so.


    When you don’t want to leave the house – after all we are biologically designed to hibernate when its cold – the team at Perfect10 deliver beauty treatments to your door. Their services include spray tans, manicures, pedicures, facials, blow waves, waxing and body treatments.

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