Hot New Gym Classes For 2022

Is your New Year goal to get into shape? Whether you have big fitness ambitions or you just want to try something new and have fun, check out my roundup of hot new gym classes to try this year.

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The age of the at-home workout is over! OK, maybe not over, but after two years of home exercising, we’re ready to return to the gym. Not sure where to start? The good news is there are a host of cool, fun new gym classes to try, whether you’re in the UK or the US. From Barry’s Boot Camp to Soulcycle and Hotpod yoga, here’s where to get your sweat on in 2022.

Forget being bored on the treadmill or doing the same weights regime over and over again. Try and change things around and keeping things fresh; your body can get used to your regime if you don’t switch it up and stop making improvements. It’s about been happy and healthy and feeling great; what else is there to do on a grey day? Let’s get ready for spring!

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Harpers Bazaar

Best Gym Classes in the UK & the US


If you haven’t checked out this high-tempo and fun take on spin, where have you been?! It’s available all over the world and one of the most fun ways to get your sweat on while losing yourself in pumping music and flashing lights, without realising you’re burning calories.

Barry’s Boot Camp

Available in both the US and the UK, Barry’s Boot Camp is all about pushing yourself to the next level with expertly led high intensity workouts. Can you stand the heat?

Body by Simone Tramp Cardio

I’ve long been a fan of Body by Simone, and her famous dance classes are a favourite across the States and online. Want to try something new? Check out her trampoline cardio workouts, which are as fun as they sound and great for keeping joint impact low.

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A favourite in the UK, dance experts Frame has something for everyone. In the market for fun? Try the 80s aerobics sessions of the 90s dance workouts. Laughing burns calories too, remember. You can learn popular music video routines, too.

Exhale Pilates

One of my London favourites, Exhale Pilates teaches the traditional techniques in small, expertly-led classes.

Hotpod Yoga

Hot yoga is going from strength to strength, and it’s never been more appealing than when the weather is cold and the alternative is an icy morning run. Hotpod yoga transports you to another place with low lighting and energising soundscapes.


Looking to overcome your body’s limitations? From those living with disabilities or back issues to elite athletes looking to increase their flexibility, this movement method uses the entire body for amazing results.

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