Supermodel Body Workout

I caught up with one of my faves, gorgeous model Julia Van Os and she told me all the secrets to her supermodel workout. Good news is, if you follow this plan, you can still have the odd glass of wine…

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Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Vogue Japan

I first met Julia Van Os on a shoot in LA and quickly became obsessed with her amazing body! I kept making her do little dances for me by the pool in a short little mini dress she was wearing so that I could capture her incredible, toned legs for a boomerang to put on Instagram!! Needless to say, it got over 2 million views, and so when I saw her last week, I had to ask Julia to share the details of her workout!

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Refreshing to hear, was that Julia has to work at staying in shape just like most of us do. She doesn’t just wake up with the perfect legs, toned arms and a washboard stomach, she does have to work out.

Julia told me that her boyfriend, who is an ex-basketball player, devised a killer workout for her one season before the shows to help her get into the shape of her life, and it’s something she’s kept up ever since. It’s super tough, so if you’re new to working out, you might want to build up to this gently over time:


Julia told me that the secret to burning fat and building lean muscle without bulking up, is to do high intensity workouts. Yes, they make you feel sick, but yes, apparently they also make your body look amazing…

Warm Up:

  • High Intensity Sprints on a treadmill for 20 minutes
  • Alternate between 1 minute sprint and one minute waking on the highest incline setting.

Julia does this at 9mph sprint / 3.5mph walk pace!!


  • Box Jumps – jump on and off a box, which is around 1 metre high (if you can manage that).
  • Jump on and off the box 10 times in one minute, then do 10 burpees in one minute.

Do this for 10 minutes

Floor Work:

  • Lunges with light weights
  • Sit ups
  • Russian twists
  • Press ups
  • Planking

Do a range of exercises of your choice for 30 minutes

High Intensity Finisher:

Kick a pad that someone is holding for you. Do high kicks like in Muay Thai. 5x rounds of 10 kicks with the right leg, then repeat with the left leg. Leave 20 seconds rest in between each round.

Alternate this workout with some lower intensity exercise days too – Julia recommends going for a jog, or doing yoga or pilates on a low intensity day. Try to do something at least 3 days a week, and if you’re travelling, short on time or you cant get to a gym, then try this circuit in your living room – or your hotel room (no excuses!).

Short On Time

10x Mountain Climbers
10x Burpees
10x Jumping Jacks
10x Jump Squats
10x High Knees
10x Alternating Lunges

Repeat this 3 times

But finally… Julia says

“do allow yourself some treats! It’s OK to have the odd day off, something delicious to eat and the odd glass of wine”

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