The Fitness Trends: You’ll be into in 2017

There’s always something new out there when it comes to fitness. Here’s my update on the big new trends for 2017; never fear, you can enjoy the Festive Season safe in the knowledge that there’s something out there ready to help whip that body into shape in the New Year…

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Numero

Working out not only helps make your skin and body look amazing, it also really improves your mood and boosts positivity – everything you need to start off a prosperous New Year! I’m always exploring new exercise trends myself as I love keeping fit, but also in my work backstage I always get to hear about the latest, greatest before they fully catch on, so here are the secrets to that 2017 supermodel summer body, 6 months ahead of time…what are you waiting for!

Rock n Roll: POUND

Pound is a new drumming based exercise class, which Suki Waterhouse told me about in New York. It’s inspired by the energy and fun of playing the drums, burning up to 900 calories an hour, a cardio workout designed to slim and tone the body, particularly the waist and thighs. Drumming is proven to help reduce stress, increase focus and boost decision-making skills, so it’s a good one for multi-tasking if you have a busy schedule.

Back to Basics Bootcamp: No. 1 Bootcamp

Mix it up with a range of physical activity, from boxercise, running and hiking to swimming and circuit training. No. 1 Bootcamp has something to whip anyone into shape regardless of their fitness level. No. 1 Bootcamps are available in London, Norfolk and even Marrakech and Ibiza and have a range of options available, from just a single session in the park to a weekend or a week-long regimen.

Aerobics: 80s Aerobics at Frame 

80’s references were all over the S/S 17 runway, and it’s not just fashion and beauty taking inspiration, 80’s fitness trends are back too. Dust off the leotard and leg warmers and embrace it. Frame Gyms in London offer an 80’s dance aerobics class with music by Madonna and Michael Jackson to get you in the mood. A great way to tone your whole body and get your blood pumping.

Amanda Kloots The Rope
Amanda Kloots, Creator of The Rope

The Rope: Studio B

The Rope by Amanda Kloots, a former trainer at Body By Simone, is a totally reinvented take on jump rope. The classes at Rope keep things simple and use just the rope itself for all of the interval based cardio exercises. From planking and jumping to arm and leg exercises, Rope classes are fun and high energy, giving you everything you need to work the whole body.


Gyrotonics looks set to stay. It’s all about movement of the body and opening the range of motion through circular, flowing motions. Gyrotonics helps to increase strength, flexibility and balance but without putting pressure on the joints. Borne out of the movements you find in other traditional exercises like yoga, martial arts and gymnastics so it’s a great low impact way to tone and strengthen the body.

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Numero

State of the Art Bootcamp: Get Ripped

Get Ripped in New York is the ultimate HIT bootcamp experience. It’s the ultimate full body, high intensity workout using state of the art low-impact treadmills. It helps to burn fat, build lean muscle and increase endurance.

Beyond Fitness

Beyond Studios have introduced a new form of exercise, taking things beyond the typical work-out, combing pilates with a hybrid intensity training method. Great for the whole body, the exercises incorporate lots of forms of cardio, some on a treadmill, some seated and some jumping on a rebounder.


The clue is in the name really – Boxerina at Paola’s Body Barre in London is the ultimate combination of boxing and ballet, guaranteed to get you looking lean in no time! Boxerina fuses high cardio boxing actions with ballet inspired barre exercises, getting the heart rate going whilst strengthening the core and elongating the limbs at the same time. Super high intensity, expect to see results fast!

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