Dance Off: Best Classes in London & New York

Aside from running and tennis, which I always include in my routine, when it comes to staying in shape, I’m always open to trying something new. One of the biggest fitness trends of the moment is dance-based fitness classes, and I’ve found some of the best on offer in London and New York. Jazz hands at the ready!

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Whether it’s ballet-inspired Barrecore, or fast-paced Zumba classes, dance-based fitness classes have been growing in popularity over the last few years. I’m always looking for more fun ways to work out, and dance classes are the perfect way to do this – when you’re concentrating on learning the moves, or listening to the music and following your instructor, sometimes you even forget you’re actually exercising! It’s a great option for building strength and muscle tone, too, so it might be one for you if you’re looking to improve flexibility and tone up. Because I split my time between London and New York, here, I round up some of the best dance fitness classes in the two cities…



Ballet-inspired classes are really popular right now, and they’re a great way to build strength and tone, and improve posture. I really like Barrecore (try the sculpt class) which has nine locations in London (and two outside of London) so it’s a great place to give it a go! Celeb fans of Barrecore include Jourdan Dunn.


There are a host of dance classes at the Frame studios, from ballet and dance cardio to Frame rave and music video sessions. If these sound like fun it’s because…they are!


Body By Simone

The classes at BBS are all about high intensity dance cardio. A huge name in Hollywood (and across the world) she’s really popular with the A-listers, and I love doing her classes in the New York studio (in Chelsea) when I am there. One of my favourite classes is with Beth Nicely who’s a tap dancing extraordinaire and teaches at Body by Simone.

Broadway Dance Centre

As well as the cardio-based Body by Simone classes, I also love Beth’s pure dance classes. Beth holds her own completely dance-focused classes at Broadway Dance Center in New York. Her classes are really fun, but they also help improve posture whilst toning the bottom and legs at the same time, you definitely forget that you’re working out (until the aches the next day, that is!).

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