VIVAMAYR: London Launch

I’ve been a big fan of the esteemed VIVAMAYR wellness clinic in Austria for years and have visited twice, so I was excited to hear that VIVAMAYR are about to open their doors outside of Austria, here in London. Read on to find out all about the new clinic…

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I am a firm believer that diet, exercise and generally being kind to the body are key to overall health and wellbeing, but I know that it can also be hard to stick to a super healthy lifestyle when schedules are hectic or after a period of travelling a lot. Sometimes you might feel the need to take time out to re-set the body and re-boot things – and VIVAMAYR specialise in exactly these sorts of programmes, each one tailored for their client’s individual requirements.

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The leading luxury medical detox centre

VIVAMAYR describe themselves as the “leading luxury medical detox centre”. They offer consultations to begin with to work out what you need, and they then use their famous Mayr medicine techniques to cleanse the body from the inside, to detox and heal it. Mayr medicine is a natural method that combines medical procedures, personalised diets and holistic treatments.

Viva Mayr London

VIVAMAYR Harley Street in London, is the first clinic for the brand outside of it’s native Austria and will offer heath transformation day clinics led by the senior medical team from Austria, who will each take up residency on a week-long rotation basis throughout the year.

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Especially exciting to me with my love of cooking and food, is that the London clinic will be hosting cooking classes run by the top chefs from the Austria clinics who will demonstrate how to keep up the tailored diet at home, using delicious but nutritionally balanced organic, meals made from locally sourced, seasonal produce.

To find out more information or to book into the clinic, click here to visit VIVAMAYR’s website

Check out my post from the first time I visited VIVAMAYR for more information.
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