Neil Moodie’s Guide to Hair Brushes

If you’re anything like me, you’ll just have one hairbrush that you use for everything! But that’s about to change, as hairstylist to the stars Neil Moodie runs down the very best brushes and combs out there, and how to use them. A must-read guide for budding hairdressers and beauty addicts alike…

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Whether you’re a budding hairdresser looking for the ultimate hairbrush guide, or you just want to know once and for all which is the right hairbrush for your hair type, this week’s YouTube video is just for you! The talented Neil Moodie is back in my studio with his (pretty large) brush and comb collection to share with us the very best hairbrushes for every hair type…


Best Hairbrushes

Tangle Teezer
“As the name suggests, this is great if your hair is really tangled. I go for bright colours because then if someone steals it backstage at a fashion show, I know who’s got it!”

Mason Pearson Hair Brush
“These are expensive brushes, but they last for such a long time. I would use this for general brushing, it’s particularly good on long hair. If you do have long hair, it’s important to brush your hair regularly, because it loosens the dead hairs and makes way for new hair to grow in its place. The bristles also stimulate the scalp, which is good for hair growth.”

Head Jog Ceramic Wooden Paddle Brush
“With a paddle brush, you’ll find the bristles have little nodules on the end, which feels great when you brush your hair. Again, this is stimulating the scalp and helping keep it healthy.”

YS Park Round Brush Set
“The brushes you use to blow dry your own hair can make a huge difference. The carbon barrel of these brushes conduct ions into the hair, which apparently helps to retain more moisture, but to be honest, I just use them because they’re great for smoothing the hair. If you’re trying to straighten hair, go for a bigger brush.”

Blow-Dry Tip
“When hair is hot, it still moves, so it can change shape. If you blow-dry root lift in with a brush, then take the brush away and the hair is still hot, it will set flat. If you use the cold shot button on the hair dryer and blast the root lift with cold air, it will set in place.”

Raincry Pure Boar Bristle Brush
“These are great for getting volume into hair. These aren’t as smoothing, so I tend to use these if I am adding volume but leaving more of a wave or a curl to hair.”

Macadamia Bristle Vent Brush
“I use this on shoots after blow-drying, because it leaves some air in the hair. It feels like a lighter finish.”

Denman Brush
“This is just a great classic brush. These are great for blow-drying bobs. If someone has a one-length bob, this is good because it is slightly curved so when you blow-dry with it you can get a little bit of a bend in the hair.”

Image Credit @ Inez & Vinoodh for Italian Vogue

Best Combs

Denman Rake Comb
“If you’re going to comb your hair when it’s wet, use a rake comb like this one. Denman’s products are nice and sturdy and last well. The carbon electrically charges the hair to take more static away while you comb. That’s my go-to comb for wet hair.”

YS Parks Cutting Comb
“This is a carbon comb, it’s durable, anti-static and has a hook at one end for easy sectioning while cutting or styling.”

Denman Pin Tail Comb
“This is great for precise sectioning, because it gives really clean lines. It is often use for highlighting and can be used to pick up just a few select hairs at a time. You can create very clean partings with these.”

Watch the full video with Neil Moodie here…

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