Can Anyone Make Money on Social Media?

Is it easy to make money on social media? For this week’s YouTube video, I sit down with the brilliant Neil Moodie to do my icebreaker challenge, and amongst other topics, the subject of how easy it is to make money on social media comes up…

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What is the easiest way to make money right now? That was one of the questions that came up in this week’s Icebreaker Challenge for my YouTube channel with hairstylist to the stars Neil Moodie. Neil had a think and decided that social media is the ticket to success right now, specifically making yourself a marketable brand, or a household name. Since this is something both Neil and I have worked our whole careers to do, it’s obviously something we were keen to discuss!

So for this week’s YouTube video (you can watch it below), Neil and I chat about how easy it is to make money through social media self-promotion (something we are both dipping our toe into right now!). It’s something that I find really interesting, because I don’t really feel like there is always a rhyme or reason as to why some things work and others don’t. Some people film their videos on professional cameras with pro lighting and editing, and others just chat in their bedrooms. It’s all about having that ‘it’ factor, I guess!

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‘There aren’t any rules,’ says Neil. ‘It makes me laugh when people say they’re an expert on things and they’re not necessarily an expert in any particular field. But they can put themselves out there in a way that they are believable.’

Also in this video you can find out which book and film Neil Moodie would watch over and over again, and find out which subject I didn’t get taught at school…

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