Man Talk: Getting Real About Mental Health

For this week’s YouTube video, superstar hairstylist (and my mate) Neil Moodie and I talk all things mental health, and the podcast addressing the issues for men.

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You might think that when I get together with my best friends all we talk about is fashion and beauty. And while sometimes it is, we do get serious too. For this week’s YouTube video, I sat down with my friend (and international hairstylist) Neil Moodie, and conversation turned to mental health, specifically male mental health. Neil’s recently been listening to and was interviewed for the Man Talk Podcast by Jamie Day, in which men with mental health issues tell their stories. Watch the video to hear more, but I’ll let Neil tell you his story below…

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Man Talk Podcast

“Jamie has suffered from depression himself. His first podcast is him talking about himself, so you get an insight into him before you hear from other people. What’s interesting about the podcast is that the people seem like the most ‘unlikely candidates’ to have suffered from depression.

“The reason I was so interested in it is that I’ve suffered with mental health issues from the age of 14 or 15 and had many incidents of panic attacks and anxiety and I’ve been very low with depression. Anyone who knows me is always like ‘oh, Neil’s so happy and so jolly’. But you can put on a front.

“My close friends know about things I’ve gone through but what’s great about this podcast is Jamie is raising the awareness and is really putting it out there. Especially if you’ve got a family, if you’ve got kids, you have to try and look like you’re holding it all together. Now that I’m 50, I decided that maybe it’s time to tell my story. I really like what Jamie is trying to achieve with this and I wanted to be involved.”

– Neil Moodie

You can be very isolated and vulnerable when you feel like that. Talking about your issues can really help, so I think it’s great that people are putting their stories out there like this. Watch the video to hear more, and to find out what’s next for Neil.

Image Credit @ Neil Moodie Instagram

Listen to the podcast on iTunes Neil’s episode is episode 8.

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