Retreat Favourites: Yoga Rosa, Ibiza

I wanted to share some of my favourite retreats and spas on the website over the coming months, places that I’d truly recommend for anyone in search of some much needed rejuvenation…

Yoga Rosa

The first of my retreat recommendations in this new series is Yoga Rosa in Ibiza. I visited the retreat last summer for a wellness getaway before things started to get super busy with fashion week and campaigns, and it was the perfect place to unwind and re-set.

A break that offers some yoga, treatments and great food is always going to tick the boxes for me, but I’m the first to admit, I’m super fussy about the quality of all of those things, and it all has to be amazing!

The good news is that Yoga Rosa gets my stamp of approval, so here is what you can expect from a break at the retreat in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.


Yoga Rosa’s founder, Rosa Klein, focuses on teaching Kriya Flow Yoga, a type of holistic Ayurvedic meditative yoga, which is centred around mindfulness and self healing.

Whilst I was at the retreat, I spent time chatting to Rosa and she told me about how she had experienced a serious car accident some years before, where she had a near death experience and had used Yoga to help strengthen and heal her body. Rosa’s unique therapeutic approach allows the body to release negative energies, unblock restrictions and restore health and wellbeing.

Pranayama breathing is an important part of Rosa’s philosophy too. It’s a form of deep breathing, which enables the body to move more freely and it also helps with cell regeneration. Pranayama breathing is a holistic therapy designed to boost the flow of oxygen around the body, which also results in fresher, more glowing skin.

When I was at Yoga Rosa, I did an oral colon cleanse which involves drinking salt water to help rid the body of toxins. I was violently sick and it was quite intense, but afterwards, I felt really amazing! It was super hard, but definitely worth it.


This summer, Yoga Rosa is offering a Holistic Healing Retreat including TCM 5 Elements diet and nutrition. Yoga Rosa’s Yoga & Ayurveda therapeutic retreat includes Rosa’s Theraputic Yoga Flow (2 sessions a day) alongside a detoxification programme combined with gut healing. The TMC 5 elements diet, led by Nutritionalist Cornelia Povel involves a gut healing process, which is a therapy designed to gently cleanse the gut, increasing the body’s ability to function properly and heal itself.

It’s a very intimate retreat with accommodation for a maximum of 9 guests, with 2 hours of yoga in the morning and a 1 hour guided meditation in the evening.


  • Transforming Reiki healing and massages with Pernilla from Sweden.
  • Energising Thai massages with Giovanni.
  • Heart opening therapeutic massage with Carole.
  • Raise your frequency with Bio Resonance therapy with experienced practitioner Brigit.
  • Powerful Body Balance with amazing Alexandra.
  • There are also a range of beautiful walks to explore on the island and you can go horse back riding too.
  • Salt water colon cleanse.


The food at Yoga Rosa is delicious, but it’s also really healthy and wholesome – you won’t go hungry! Meals at the retreat are prepared by Austrian chef Philip Gandler, using fresh, organic ingredients sourced from Rosa’s own gardens and the brunches include home-made green smoothies with three course dinners and organic wine in the evenings.

At Yoga Rosa you get two meals a day as part of the plan – breakfast, then nuts and fruit for snacking during the day, followed by a meal in the evening.

Yoga Rosa_Food02


The location itself is stunning – very calming and a far cry from the party side of the island. It’s great for anyone looking to escape a hectic lifestyle. The accommodation is arranged in the traditional style converted fincas, which have all been decorated stylishly, but in a homely fashion. The bedrooms are relaxing and comfortable and there are two swimming pools at the retreat – one freshwater and one saltwater. The resort also has a pretty, shaded yoga shala and a terrace for watching the sunsets.

During my time at the retreat, I took part in Silent Reflection – a day of complete silence, which was really difficult for me! It was a day where emails, phone calls and technology was off limits and you weren’t able to speak, in order to allow time for contemplation, free from the distractions of a hectic lifestyle. It was especially hard at mealtimes when there were other people around, but it was a great thing to do.

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