Retreat Favourite: SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

When you need a break from it all, there’s nothing like a stay at a retreat to completely rejuvenate you. This summer I found a slice of Spanish heaven at SHA Wellness Clinic.

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Autumn is always a hectic time for me with shows and the new fashion season underway, so before the madness begins I always try and book in for a little me-time to prepare. This summer I went to SHA Wellness Clinic on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea between Altea and Sierra Helada in Spain. It was the perfect place to reset after a busy summer.

SHA Wellness Clinic offers the following retreats:

– Weight Loss Programme (Minimum 7 days / Recommended 14 days)

– Detox Programme (Minimum 7 days / Recommended 14 days)

– Intensive Detox & Weight Loss Programme (Minimum 7 days / Recommended 14 days)

– SHA Fitness Programme (7 days)

– SHA Anti-tobacco Programme (7 days)

– Anti-Stress Programme (7 days)

– Sleep Recovery Programme (7 days)

– Rejuvenation Programme (7 days)

– SHA Complete Rejuvenation Programme (14 days)

– Recovery Programme (7 days)

– Life Reset Programme (28 days)

– SHA Essence (Minimum 7 days / Recommended 14 days)

– SHA Discovery (4 days)

The retreat offers a number of wellness programs to target specific needs such as weight-loss, quitting smoking or improving sleep, or you can simply participate in the general wellness or fitness programs. In my opinion, it’s a great option if you’re looking to completely rejuvenate your skin, as the clinic offers a range of pioneering treatments. The laser treatments on offer are a great option to incorporate into your stay if you’re looking to come home feeling refreshed and looking great. While I was there, I made the most of the fantastic array of activities and treatments on offer during my stay, along with complementary therapies and delicious healthy food.

The clinic definitely gets my seal of approval… Here are some of the highlights from my stay, and unique offerings at SHA Wellness Clinic.

When you sign up for any of the programs you’re offered a number of medical and general health consultations to help you get the most out of your stay, and you can pick from a range of therapeutic treatment sessions. You’ll also be offered a nutrition plan to follow should you wish.

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Italian Vogue

Treatment Time

Whatever program you’re on, you can choose from a huge range of clinical, spa, alternative and complementary therapies during your stay. You can have a full blood work done to help with the medical team’s assessment of what might work best for you. I managed to pack in a host of treatments during my stay, and they were all of the highest quality. I even tried a few things for the first time. Amongst the therapy staff was an amazing healer who trained with the Dali Lama, who works with guests to better understand their decision-making processes. She uses breathing techniques to help you understand what you feel rather than what you think.

The Ozone Therapy on offer is a sort of blood oxygenation treatment, the IV boosters really helped improve my work-outs while I was there. This treatment has serious rejuvenating and revitalising benefits, so it’s worth talking to the medical teams about incorporating it into your programme.

The Thermage treatment is also amazing; it’s expensive but it really works to tighten skin for instant results. The laser treatment works on the face and body to improve tone, contour and texture without surgery.

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Floating on Air

The Hydro Energetic Detox Cure was one of the best treatments I’ve ever had. It’s a 3-step treatment that has healing, detoxifying and restorative properties. The first step is hydro aromatherapy; you sit in a technical tub with essential oils that penetrate into your skin. Next, is a seaweed wrap that has draining, detoxifying and revitalising effects. Finally, the treatment finishes with a hydrojet to restore energy, vitality and tone to the body. I honestly felt like I was floating on air afterward.

Also worth exploring if you’re looking for something specific at SHA’s Stem Cell Therapy and lipo options, plus the numerous other skin tightening and rejuvenation non-invasive treatments. These typically take several months to show results, but if I was looking for that sort of treatment I’d put my trust in them to do it incredibly well.

Find out more about the treatments on offer, here.

‘You can calorie-control your diet’

The food is always a really important part of any trip (am I right?) and the meals I had at SHA were really good. It’s great if you’re looking for a clean, basic healthy diet as a cleanse, with a lot of vegan offerings plus some fresh fish, along with great paella and some delicious healthy desserts. You can completely calorie-control your diet during your stay depending on whether you’re on a weight-loss program or not; I really enjoyed all the porridge options at breakfast. You can still enjoy a glass of wine, so there’s no need to feel like you’re not on holiday!


The Experience

I’d recommend SHA Wellness Clinic to anyone looking to completely chill out, relax and rejuvenate and get away from it all. I always find it hard to relax and let go of everything at first, but I soon settled into it. It’s the perfect solo soul-searching trip, or an ideal break with a friend, and if you really want to push the boat out you can opt for a penthouse suite that comes complete with private roof pool. The facilities and sports on offer were great, the pools fantastic and the food and drinks fit the healthy vibe perfectly. I’ll be back.

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