Crystals for healing: 5 to know now

Crystals are having something of a moment in the wellness world, with everything from jade beauty rollers to calming rose quartz hearts to be tucked in your bra or a pocket. But aside from looking pretty on Instagram, what do they actually do? I’ve got the inside story from a crystals expert…

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You will probably have noticed crystals popping up everywhere at the moment, from Instagram pictures of desks set up with amethyst to beauty treatments involving lying on a bed of crystals. But what is crystal healing all about? Aside from looking pretty, crystals have different energies and properties, and it’s thought that certain crystals can affect mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Three of my personal favourites are amethyst, which is good to have on your desk at work or beside your bed, rose quartz, which is also a good one to have by your bed, and black tourmaline, which you can carry in your pocket to deflect negative energy. Black tourmaline is also a good grounding stone, so it’s a great one to have on you at all times. If you’re wondering which crystals to start your collection with, I’ve been told that just holding close a crystal that you feel particularly drawn to can be beneficial, but to give some more insight, Philip Permutt, author of The Crystal Healer (with Volume 2 coming this September), picked five of the most common crystals to tell us just how healing they can be…

5 Common Crystals for Healing

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This is relaxing and calming, but spiritually energizing.

Healing qualities

Amethyst magnifies the energy of other crystals. It is good for overall protection, and physical, emotional, and mental balance. It can be used to encourage chastity and relieve homesickness. It helps negotiation skills, decision-making, wealth, business success, moving forward in life, coping with responsibility and change, and public speaking. It is useful for purification during ceremonies.

Physical: heals the causes of dis-ease. Good for hearing, hormone regulation, insomnia, headaches, migraine, acne, asthma, blood clots, bacterial, and viral infections, bad posture, cancer, and arthritis (as an elixir). Good for the health of the immune, circulatory and sympathetic nervous systems, bones, heart, stomach, skin, teeth, liver, and endocrine glands. Helps with drunkenness and addictions, especially alcoholism. Aids detoxing and blood cleansing.

Emotional/spiritual: helps with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and with anger and violent tendencies. Calms passion, nerves, oversensitivity, tension, emotional energy, and grief. Enhances the aura, self-esteem, meditation, spirit contact, and spirituality.

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This brings energy into a room.

Quartz is the healing crystal. It will channel any type of energy and will help with all healing. If you are unsure which crystal/s to work with, try quartz.

Healing qualities

Quartz crystal is a “feel better” stone – it improves your quality of life, makes you feel happier and re-energizes you in all situations. It channels any energy, so helps any condition.

Physical: helps diabetes, ear infections, hearing and balance, heart health, malaise, multiple sclerosis (MS), myalgic encephalitis (ME), obesity, pain, or discomfort, spinal health, tinnitus, weight loss.

Emotional/spiritual: focuses the mind, aids meditation, and relieves negativity.

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Rose Quartz

This allows love to flow.

Healing qualities

This crystal is for love!

Physical: good for fertility, female reproduction system, menstrual cycle, asthma, heart, blood, circulation, kidneys, general aches and pains, spleen, varicose veins, detox, vertigo, adrenal glands, coughs, colds and flu.

Emotional/spiritual: some say this configuration is the most powerful love crystal there is, bringing love as a life force. Supports relationships, romance, and female energy and qualities. Balances sex drive and sexual frustration. A perfect crystal to bring comfort in a crisis. Releases anger, stress, tension, fear, guilt, grief, inadequacy, jealousy, resentment, unhappy childhood experiences, phobias, upsets, and emotional wounds (the feeling of being wounded). In fact, it’s like a spa day for the emotions. Try a topical elixir to improve complexion, banish wrinkles, and gain a youthful appearance. Promotes creativity, art, music, writing and imagination.

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Vertically striated prismatic crystals. Varieties include: green verdelite, blue indicolite, pink elbaite, red rubellite, yellow tsilasite, black schorl, brown dravite, green or blue with pink center watermelon or colors reversed, bi-colors, tri-colors, lime green often with white center, colorless achroite, and lavender (a new find).

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Healing qualities

Good for inspiration, connection, awareness, creativity, new challenges, and negotiation skills. Good for laughter therapy and use in groups. Enhances healing ability and offers protection on all levels from simple accidents to psychic attack. Tourmaline wand crystals (long, thin crystals) focus energy to areas where it is most needed and are good for affirmations and aura healing. Bi-color and tri-color tourmaline have the healing qualities of all the colors exhibited.

Physical: good for mental health and healing. Good for the digestion and the health of the bladder and lymphatic system. Helps schizophrenia and low blood pressure. Aids detoxing.

Emotional/spiritual: calming and good for self-confidence, balance, and removing blockages. Helps fear, obstructiveness, victim mentality, negativity, breakdown, and worrying too much what others think. Relieves a restless or troubled mind. Good for the inner self, yin/yang balance, the aura, all psychic abilities, and left/right brain activity.

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This encourages fun, happiness, and joy.

A yellow, golden, or lemon variety of quartz.The color is due to heat from volcanic and other earth activity.

Healing qualities

A “money stone” that brings abundance and wealth. Good for decision-making, learning, teaching, studying, creativity, awareness, writing, problemsolving, and new beginnings. Also a “feel better” stone. Helps to sell houses.

Physical: good for the digestive system and all related disorders. Also good for eyesight and the heart, kidneys, thyroid, thymus, and liver. Helps tissue regeneration, anemia, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, and detoxing.

Emotional/spiritual: good for relationships, self esteem, aura work, and getting rid of emotional toxins. Helps anger and yin/yang balance.

Extract taken from The Crystal Healer: Volume 2 by Philip Permutt, published by CICO Books on September 18, £12.99

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