Ubikwist Needs You: Black Voices Matter

If you’ve been moved by recent events and the ongoing Black Lives Matter campaign, here’s your opportunity to do something to help. My friend Giannie needs help keeping the brilliant Ubikwist Magazine alive…

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At this critical time, it is more important than ever that we all support and celebrate black voices and promote their creative platforms. Fashion industry icon Giannie Couji started Ubikwist Magazine with the goal of offering a uniquely multi-ethnic viewpoint amongst the mainly white-biased media at that time. At this difficult time, the magazine is at risk and needs our support to keep going. Here’s a note from Giannie and information on how you can help…

Image Credit @ Iñaki

Ubikwist Magazine needs your help to survive

Trials and tribulations pave the journey of an independent publication.

It has been a long and rocky path to this 10th issue.

When print advertising isn’t a top priority and magazines were already a fraught business, being a black woman editor in chief also comes with its own challenges.

Celebrating diversity and showcasing eclectic, unconventional and opinionated talents in the fashion and creative industry is a form of activism.

Because you can’t be what you don’t see, and you can’t learn what is left untold, Ubikwist raised its voice.

Now more than ever, diverse artists, dissident thinkers and game changers need to be platformed. Their voices need to be heard so we can take part in the conversation about this new world. We need positive imagery.

In times of pandemic uncertainty, there is no roadmap and there is so much at stake.

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Like any other small business, Ubikwist magazine is on a critical turn.

Printing is essential. Without print there is no advertising and there is no magazine without advertising.

We need your help to keep the magazine alive and publish our “Avant-Garde” 10th issue. Every little helps. If 1500 people give 10$/€/£ we will be able to get through this.

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Because Ubikwist is so much more than a magazine, more than just glossy paper. it is an opportunity to finally introduce more creativity, originality and consciousness at a time when social and racial inequalities are glaring and the line between editorial content and advertising is blurrier than ever.

Ubikwist is a community, a platform. a tribune, a guardian.

If you want to support Ubikwist and help us beat this crisis, please visit our crowdfunding page.

Together We Are Stronger
The fight continues.

Thank you.


You can donate here

Thank you in advance to everyone who is able to help keep this important publication alive!

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