5 minutes with The Dirty Dishes

Chef turned model Isaac Carew has recently launched The Dirty Dishes, his own website dedicated to easy delicious recipes.

Carew’s career as a chef began at his father’s restaurant long before he graced catwalks and shot campaigns for Hermès and Moschino. The Dirty Dishes is his latest project – a return to the kitchen – the website and YouTube channel present his favourite recipes in a totally accessible and (of course) attractive way.

My Q&A with Isaac

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Put the kettle on, then shower, when the kettle rings it’s time to get out the shower and make a mint tea.

Can you tell us your four essential bathroom products?
I use an Aesop exfoliator & moisturiser, Le labo Santal33 parfum and a good razor.

What are you watching at the moment?
Nothing, I don’t really watch TV, the last thing I watched was the Jinx documentary.

What are you reading at the moment?
Catcher in the Rye and re-reading Widow Basquiat – a memoir.

What are you listening to at the moment?
When the bassline drops Craig David…. Can I get a rewind

What is your favourite city for eating out?
I’m going to have to give you two in this order: New York & London.

Breakfast usually consists of….
Mint tea, a green smoothie that I make every morning and porridge or eggs. They are my go to breakfasts but I’m always changing it up.

Image Credit @ The Dirty Dishes
Green Protein Smoothie


300 ml Water
50 g Spinach
Parsley ‘A few sprigs’
50 ml ‘juice of one whole lemon’
2 tbs Chia seeds
1 tbs honey
Ice ‘a few cubes’


All you have to do is whack everything into a blender ‘I like to use a NutriBullet’ blend for 20-30 seconds.

If you have to grab lunch on the go it is…
If I’m in a real rush it has to be smoked salmon, a lemon and a mixed salad from M&S.

What would you cook for a girl you were trying to impress?
Breakfast in bed…

What is your guilty pleasure?
Two 4×4 animal style burgers with chilli peppers, no salad and a chocolate milkshake at In-N-Out, as soon as I touch down in LA – I could eat that right now.

Tell me something nobody knows about you?
I can’t stand fried liver and onions.

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