Anna-Marie Solowij: Eye Makeup for all Ages

My job isn’t just about making young, flawless models and actors look great. A true makeup artist can work with absolutely anyone to enhance their natural beauty and make them feel more confident and beautiful. Your day to day makeup routine is a great place to start, and in my latest YouTube video, I go through beauty legend and good friend Anna-Marie Solowij’s makeup routine with her, and help make a couple of changes…

I always love going through people’s makeup bags with them and seeing what their usual makeup routine is – not only am I a makeup artist, I guess I’m nosey too! And that applies more than ever when the person in question really knows their stuff, as is the case with Anna-Marie Solowij, who is a beauty industry stalwart and founder of BeautyMart. In my latest YouTube video, Anna-Marie shows me her makeup collection, and together we put together a look that would work for day or night. She has gorgeous skin and really knows her stuff, which got me thinking, this is a great opportunity to give some extra tips on creating flawless eye makeup for mature skin…

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Eye Makeup for Mature Skin

In the industry, mature skin is roughly categorised as 35 years plus; so more of us fit into that than you’d think! And as our skin matures, it can feel like it’s harder than ever to create makeup looks that are fun and fresh without feeling self-conscious about wearing ‘too much makeup’. This is probably because advertising and the media is so skewed toward younger models and skin; but it’s really important to know that there’s no age limit on having fun with makeup.

You can watch my full video below with Anna-Marie Solowij to see exactly what products we used to create her look, but in the meantime, I thought it would be useful to share some tips on how to elongate eyes and create fun, but wearable eye makeup looks for mature skin.


You can create shape and depth on your eyelid and make your eyes instantly bigger by adding a contour in the socket line. I love the Burberry Eye Colour Contour, because it’s super-easy to use. Blend in with your finger.


Create depth by taking a little eyeshadow down from the contour line you just created onto your lid. This will just add extra shape and depth to your eye. It’s important to use a good quality shadow for this; Anna-Marie uses the Chanel Les 4 Ombres.

More Contour

Often people are afraid to add colour below the eye, but it can further widen the eyes to add a little more of the Contour Pen just below to lash line. Again, blend well with your finger. Next, take the shadow you’ve already used on the lid, but apply with a harder shadow brush, push it into the lash line, flick out and join it up to the shadow on the upper lid. (Watch the video below for guidance here!)


Using a cream colour with a slight gloss or glow will give the look a youthful edge. I really like the Jillian Dempsey Lid Tints from Anna-Marie’s BeautyMart edit, push this onto the lid with your finger tip for a little extra colour but a youthful glow.

Lash Line

Intensify the lash line by taking a fine liquid liner (I love Burberry’s Effortless Liquid Liner) in brown and applying really close to the lash line. Just take it out very slightly; we don’t want to close up that space, but just add definition.

You can add mascara or extra colour to take the look to the next level; but this is a great starting point! Watch my video with Anna-Marie Solowij below, or if you have any questions about makeup for mature skin (or anything, for that matter!) get in touch via the YouTube comments.

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