Makeup Tutorial: Colourful Bowie Makeup

Because I’m known as the master of skin, people often think that I’m all about natural makeup. And while I love working with people to get their skin looking as gorgeous as possible, I love having fun with colour, too.

Image Credit @ Sean Collymore and Wendy Rowe

Are you ready to have some fun with this week’s YouTube makeup tutorial? Good! This week’s look is Bowie-inspired, it’s an explosion of colour. It’s about having some fun and doing what you feel, so watch my video for inspiration but then create something that’s unique and fun. Pick your favourite colours and go all out – you don’t need this look to be symmetrical either, so there’s even less need to worry about perfection. There’s no wrong or right, just enjoy it!



  1. Always start by getting your skin in a great starting place, so cleanse and moisturise your skin before you begin.
  2. You’ll need a cream palette with lots of different colours – use cream colours because they’re easier to move.
  3. You’ll also need powders in the same colours to set the look.
  4. Have some wet wipes and Q-tips on hand to correct mistakes with.
  5. Overall, just have fun with it!

And there we have it… A colour explosion! This is fun for New Year’s Eve or just having fun at home before your next selfie shoot.

I’d love to see your creations so please tag me in your looks.

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