How To: Bleach Dark Brows

It is a high fashion look that you will find mostly on runways and in campaigns, and this season everyone is talking about the look! Will you be dipping your toe into the ‘no brow’ trend? Here’s how…

I never hesitate to bleach the brows of the models or clients I’m working with, but doing it to myself is a little bit different! It is one of those high fashion looks that doesn’t usually stray from the runways or fashion advertisements, but bleached brows or the ‘no brow trend’ is very much here to stay this season. I decided to give the look a go at home, to show you how the look can work on dark brows, too. You can watch the full video of me transforming my eyebrows on my Instagram, but before you get going, check out my shopping list of products and read my top tips for bleaching dark brows, below.

And just remember… you can always dye them back!

How To Bleach Dark Brows



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You can see the full step by step on my video tutorial, but if you want a quick run-through of the process, this is how to achieve the bleached brows look at home.

  1. First up, apply Vaseline around the eyebrows so that you don’t bleach your skin.
  2. Mix the cream bleach with the powdered bleach and apply to your brows using a shadow or brow brush.
  3. You need to get right to the root of the brow, so ram it in there! Brush it through with a disposable wand.
  4. Work fast so that they all change colour at the same time.
  5. You might need to repeat this a number of times, so don’t worry if they go light brown or ginger on the first attempt, just try it again!
  6. Add a mauve shampoo to knock out the yellow for an ice blonde finish.

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