Sarah Chapman: How to Tackle Dry Skin

Dealing with dry skin can feel like a real challenge, whatever time of year it is. But there’s no reason that dry skin should ruin your day! Having gorgeous skin, whatever your complexion, is a matter of eating right, drinking enough, and (of course) making sure your skincare regime is on point. I called on one of my favourite skincare gurus Sarah Chapman for some expert advice…

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Finding the best skincare products for dry skin can feel like a bit of an impossible task with so many options out there. And while it can feel like the easiest option to just reach for the heaviest cream you can find and apply plenty, that’s not always your best option. Aside from getting the products right, you also need to ensure you’re drinking plenty of water, avoiding too many inflammatory foods, and properly cleansing your skin, too. And who better to give us some top tips for looking after dry skin than the brilliant Sarah Chapman. Her products always keep my skin looking gorgeous, so I always trust her skincare advice!

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Vogue China


Sarah Chapman’s Top Tips for Dry Skin

Choose your cleanser with care

Oil-based, balm cleansers are the best for dry skin as they work with your skin’s natural sebum to deeply clean without stripping. Oil attracts oil, allowing your cleanser to melt into your pores and through the lipid pathways to remove imperfections, leaving skin deeply clean but not dry and tight. My Ultimate Cleanse works on this philosophy. Foaming cleansers can be drying and leave the skin tight, if they do, then your cleanser is not suitable for your skin and will compromise your natural layer of protection.

Boost your barrier

A good barrier cream is also essential in combatting dry skin. My Comfort Cream D-Stress was created exactly for this purpose. An ultra-soothing formula, it combines recovery complex SymRepair®, skin-identical ceramides SK-influx and Bio-placenta growth factors with hyaluronic hydrators, omega-rich oils and pollution shield Pollustop® to soothe and fortify the skin barrier, defending against modern life aggressors and targeting new-age sensitivities.

Oil Up

For gorgeously glowing skin, supercharge your moisturiser. Everyone can benefit from using an oil – especially those with dry skin. Omega oils have a great benefit both internally and externally – they help protect cell membranes, keeping them supple and permeable, which allows healthy cell functioning and supports the skin internally. Omegas are also anti-inflammatory, helping with sensitivity and inflammation. My Overnight Facial is a sophisticated serum-oil which combines cosmeceutical, performance-proven actives with soothing anti-inflammatory omegas. Created to recapture the results of my bespoke facial while you sleep. It has a fast absorption rate that works with the skin’s own night-time renewal system to leave skin radiant in the morning.

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Vogue China
Thanks Sarah! And before you go, I thought I’d share a few top tips I’ve picked up backstage and on set over the years for dealing with dry skin…
  1. Avoid water that is too hot. Use warm water rather than burning hot, and avoid too many long soaks, as these can strip skin of natural oils. Check out my guide to the perfect bath, here. Apply moisturiser immediately after your shower or bath to help lock moisture in. I love the following three bath oils to help lock in moisture to your skin: REN Atlantic Kelp And Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil; Aromatherapy Associates – De-stress Mind Bath and Shower Oil and Susanne Kaufmann – Oil Bath for the senses.
  2. Use a vitamin C serum. A vitamin C serum will help protect your skin all year round from free radical damage, so use one before your moisturiser every morning. And don’t forget sunscreen!
  3. Go natural. Be aware of the fabrics that are having contact with your skin. Silk or organic cotton pillowcases will be kinder to skin than synthetic fabrics that could cause irritation. Check out SLIP silk pillowcases.
  4. Work on your gut health. Top up on pro and prebiotics to improve gut health, as your skin health is closely linked with your gut health. Check out my book Eat Beautiful for lots of skin-boosting ingredients and healthy recipe ideas.

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