The Dr. Haus Facelift: Follow Up

With enough time now elapsed since Karl Plewka’s initial treatment with Dr. Haus, read on to see the before and after photos from his “Facelift” and find out what he thought of the treatment…


You may remember I recently wrote about my experience of The Dr. Haus Facelift (see my previous post for full details). I am now back to review the results after three months which is the required period of time Dr. Haus recommends for most of the improvement to become visible.

What you will also see here are the ‘before and after’ treatment photographs of my exposed, shiny face which, although almost impossible for me to look at without jumping out of the nearest window (in my head I still look twenty six, not forty six!), I think indicate subtle yet positive changes.

In fact it’s true to say when you undergo a procedure that takes three months to really take effect, like this non-invasive treatment, you are the last one to really notice the results. This I put down to the fact that we see ourselves in the mirror every day, in various states of decline in my case, but it is the other people in or lives who might drop the odd, “Ooh you’re looking good” that makes the expense and to some degree subtle discomfort of such a treatment well worth the effort.

So what are the major results I have noticed? For a start, and this is very evident from the photographs, there is a reduction in skin redness. I have suffered from rosacea since my early thirties and it’s great to finally look like I’ve not been on the bottle since lunchtime (l really haven’t, honest!).


Secondly I have totally recognised a reduction in pore size, particularly around my t-zone, which considering this area was almost lunar in appearance prior to the treatment I am quietly amazed.

But for me the true piece de resistance of the treatment was the toning of my jawline and the slight raise of the skin above the eyelids. This is the main result I was looking for and, although subtle, the change is clearly visible and perfect for someone like me who wanted an overall refreshment but who is not ready for full-on surgery, well, not just yet.

My conclusion is that a treatment such as The Dr. Haus Facelift is perfect if you, like me, want a surreptitious anti-ageing result that doesn’t scream, “Look at me! I’ve had work done!” or, at worse, make one look more like David Gest than David Beckham.

I’ve done my fare share of Botox, fillers, et al over the last ten years but these procedures don’t make me look better, they just produce a more erased, weird looking version of myself and to this end the important lessons writing about this treatment has taught me is; subtlety is the key, The Dr.Haus Facelift is something I will absolutely do again and the little lines around my eyes not only represent my true self and where I am now in life but are in fact quite sexy. Long may they wrinkle!

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