Crystal Clear

Find out all about the new holistic skincare infused with the healing powers of gemstones and minerals...

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Using minerals and gemstones to bring a glow to the skin sounds a little mythical and wild, there is something almost dreamlike in the idea that precious stones could possess beautifying properties.

Ancient practitioners of healing and witchcraft have long sung the praises of minerals and gemstones for their ability to protect and energise. I have always kept clear quartz and rose quartz in my home and office, for me, these stones bring a certain clearing energy to a room that is so important to my creativity.

I was fascinated to learn that some of my favourite skin care brands were using minerals and gemstones in cosmetics to promote an inner and outer balance that is good for the skin. Gemstones have the ability to harness and redirect energy inside and outside the body, with each stone possessing a different healing energy. When used in a moisturiser like the sjal Light Cellular Renewal Cream (which contains traces of amethyst, sapphire and ruby) energy in the body is redirected to specific areas of need in the skin.

Minerals like gold and silver that can be found in the Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil also function as semi conductors in the body, aiding in healing damaged skin. Internal benefits aside, the other wonderful thing about crystals and gemstones is that because of their vibrational energy, they encourage clear thinking and mindfulness. Taking a step back from the busy world we live in has an enormous impact on our skin, because stress is one of those things that ages us so anything to relieve it will improve the complexion.

5 of my favourites

  1. Complexion Savior by Tracie Martyn

  2. Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil

  3. Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub

  4. Själ Cela Intuitif

  5. Matter & Home Crystal Box

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