Is Social Media Harmful?

In a world where it can feel like we are encouraged to broadcast our lives on social media, can there be a negative impact on our health and self-esteem. In this week’s YouTube video, I do the Ice Breaker Challenge with BeautyMart founder and friend Anna-Marie Solowij, who suggests that the social media way of life should be approached with caution.

Image Credit @ David Sims for Vogue Paris

I love imagery. Whether it’s photographs, films, beautifully shot documentaries; if it’s visually gorgeous it’s for me. Which is why Instagram and YouTube have always appealed to me. But is the rise of social media doing us more harm than good? For my latest video, I played the Ice Breaker Challenge with Anna-Marie Solowij, who raised an interesting point…

“Social media has become something that really stresses people out. I think it should be part of your life, but I don’t think it should be a big part of it. I really worry that it puts people under pressure and they feel they have to perform for it. It’s all of these pictures of these amazing lives that I don’t actually believe people are living, but it creates a really high benchmark that you feel you have to live up to. And I can’t do it anymore!”

Image Credit @ David Sims for Vogue Paris

I do know what Anna-Marie means. When you look at your Instagram feed, it can be easy to feel slightly overwhelmed with what everyone else is up to, and start thinking that everyone’s more successful, happy, wealthy, beautiful (the list goes on!)… But personally, I try and use social media in a positive way. I use the images others post for inspiration in my own work, and to share little moments that inspire me, or make me happy.

But you should remember that with social media, you only put out there what you want people to see. They don’t need to see every part of your life. You need to have some personal stuff, also. And remember that everyone else is doing the same! So it never tells the full story…

Watch my ice breaker with BeautyMart’s Anna Marie Solowij below, where she also opens up about two charities close to her heart.

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