Best Supplements for Hair

Supplements are no longer just about boosting your immune system. Beauty supplements have gone from strength to strength in recent years, with a rise in drinkable skincare and even specific prescriptions for different needs. Here, I round up the best supplements for hair.

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Can you really get longer, stronger, shinier hair just by swallowing a daily pill? The new wave of beauty supplements are all about nourishing your skin, hair and nails from the inside out. When it comes to hair, the key ingredients to look out for are iron, vitamins A, B, D and E, zinc and amino and omega acids. But do they really work?


Here, I’ve rounded up some of the best hair supplements on the market…

Ouai Oily Hair Supplement

These daily capsules are aimed at those who have to wash their hair too frequently due to an oily scalp. Helping to regulate sebum production, they contain green tea extract, niacin, amino acids, omegas 3 and 6, and vitamin A. There are also options in the range for dry or thinning hair.

Philip Kingsley PK4 Dietary Supplements

This supplement is great for when your hair needs some serious TLC. Enriching hair from the inside, this soy protein nutritional supplement is fortified with amino acids (which help to build keratin), and you’ll notice the difference after the three-month regime.

Imedeen Hair And Nails

Take one of these biotin, zinc and B-vitamin-enriched tablets per day for noticeably stronger nails and hair. You’ll notice less hair coming out at each wash.

Viviscal Maximum Strength Woman

Promising thicker, fuller-looking hair, this is a great choice for those with thinning or fine hair. With AminoMar C, Zinc, biotin2, Vitamin C, Niacin, Iron, and Millet Seed, it promises to reduce hair breakage and shedding, while improving overall hair health.

Votary Super Seed Supplement

A natural blend of essential fatty acids, seed oils and plant extracts, this all-in-one beauty supplement promises to make hair glossier and can be taken directly from the spoon or added to your morning smoothie.

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