Men’s Makeup at Dunhill AW20 in Paris

Ever wondered what goes into creating a makeup look for a major fashion show? I’m here to let you into a little secret… It’s a lot! I often share the inspiration and products that go into show looks on my blog, but I thought it was about time I actually let you join me. For my latest YouTube video you have an all-access pass to the Dunhill Menswear show in Paris.

Image Credit @ Wendy Rowe Backstage for Dunhill AW20

I love being backstage at the Dunhill Menswear show in Paris, and it’s always one of my favourites to work on. But if you thought that all it takes to achieve the final look is to turn up and powder the models, it’s a little more work than that! For my latest YouTube video I thought I’d take you along with me, from the early morning train right through to the finale. Lights, camera, action!

Behind the Scenes Video: Dunhill Menswear AW20

From making the models’ skin perfect, removing shine in the line-up, working with the hair team and covering angry spots and blemishes, watch my video below to get some top grooming tips and learn how to do makeup for men.

Watch my latest video below…

So, that was men’s fashion week in Paris. I’ve taken you behind the scenes. I’ve shown you how cover up spots and blemishes and touch up skin, all the important parts of grooming! Remember to ask me any questions in the comments and I’ll get back to you or maybe even answer them in my next video…

Find out more about the show look in my report!

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