The Art of Akrans

Working with Swedish photographer Camilla Akrans is a real joy – her aesthetic is the perfect combination of sensual femininity and artful flair.

Image Credit @ Bluemarine

Having worked together a lot, we’ve become very close friends – producing some of my favourite shoots and a creative shorthand in the process. I’m always inspired by her intuitive sense of style and hands-on approach; she does all her own art direction for editorials, and increasingly on her advertising projects, like the previous Blumarine campaign we did together. For the latest Blumarine campaign, Camilla created a slightly surreal world, with reflections, flowers, the sky and a statuesque model. I went with a painterly style for the makeup, with porcelain skin, a dark lived-in eye and a soft Ruben-esque lip – deliberately offsetting the modernity of the set.

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans

5 Minutes with…

Camilla Akrans

How do you approach each project from a creative POV?

I always start in my head with a character that will be the focus. I do small storyboards – very rough drawings – and even if I don’t stick to them 100% it’s always good starting point for developing a story.

How important is the art direction of a shoot?

It’s very important; you can change the mood of a picture or story completely depending on the art direction.

Image Credit @ Bluemarine

How much control do you have over the image – from planning to finished product?

For most editorials I am very much in control, and for some advertising – for example with Blumarine – I am always very much in charge of the whole process. Of course always in collaboration with my team!

How important is having the right team?

Really important – it’s very important to have a close team where everyone understands each other.

What inspires you aesthetically?

Nature, art and strong women through all the eras.

You work with me a lot – tell me about our working relationship:

I love working with you Wendy because we have the same point of view – and we never give up until we achieve our vision!

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