Cara Delevingne SAG Awards Makeup: Get The Look

Gorgeous skin is at the heart of every great makeup look. For Cara Delevingne’s SAG Awards style, I worked with Hanacure skin for a flawless complexion to create a stunning red carpet look.

Image Credit @ Wendy Rowe, Cara Delevingne SAG Awards

When you’re creating a makeup look to go with a statement dress or dramatic hairstyle, it’s important that the makeup doesn’t overshadow the other styling elements, but complements the overall look. Cara Delevingne wore a stunning Carolina Herrera jumpsuit for the SAG Awards 2023, with slick hair by Danielle Priano, and her skincare and makeup needed to match the glamour, but not overpower it. I worked with Hanacure skincare to prep Cara’s skin to ensure she had a flawless canvas to apply makeup to. Then I used Dior cosmetics to create a classic red carpet makeup look, with dramatic lashes and brows, a warm smoke on the lids and velvet red lips. Do you want to create Cara Delevingne’s SAG Awards makeup look at home? Shop the products below and try it yourself.


Cara Delevingne SAG Awards Makeup: Get The Look

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