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I love the natural look, and I think most women do. There’s no age range, and no hard rules. It’s just what every woman wants: to look great naturally. But if you need a little guidance on how to create that elusive natural makeup look, I’m here to help.

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Makeup is about playing. You can play whatever part you want to play for that day. And makeup can also make you feel good when you’re not feeling great. It can lift everything! In my work as the Max Factor Creative Director, I’ve been trying to translate my skills as a makeup artist into everyday, useable products that are accessible to all. One of the most important things to me is that people can feel confident and comfortable creating a natural makeup look that enhances their natural beauty and gives them a boost in the morning. For my latest video, you can see exactly how I create a natural makeup look in the morning to last me all day…

How-To: Easy Natural Makeup

  1. My foundation of choice is Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation. I mix two colours because I like to make it couture for me like a fitted dress! I pop it on wherever there’s redness and blend with my fingers. I use it very lightly. Good skin is where you can’t see the foundation, so it looks flawless but still natural.
  2. For every day, I create a little bit less than a classic smoky eye to work for daytime. I start with the Contour Palette, which I use as a base of colour. I start with the socket line and just underneath to enhance the shadow.
  3. The 2000 Calorie Mascara I love because it doesn’t drop and it’s waterproof, and I want something that’s going to last me all day. It’s really fine so it coats the lashes individually and makes it look like there are so much more to my lashes.
  4. I like the Masterpiece Nude Palette because it’s got some really natural tones in there, which can be the natural colour for your eyelid. I use a flat brush to go over the whole lid.
  5. Next I use a Kohl Pencil Eyeliner in brown, which is really soft, and great if you’ve got lighter coloured eyes. It doesn’t have to be well done. I smudge it in and then do inside the waterline. Then I take the shadow again and trace it just under the lash line.
  6. I use the Miracle Touch Creamy Blush  just applied with a finger to the cheeks, and if I want to look sun-kissed just a touch on the middle of the nose.
  7. For the lips I use the Honey Lip Laquer, which is a nice, nude that’s not too sticky and then for a plumper highlight I use the Colour Elixir Cushion, used in the middle of the lip to catch the light.

So, there we have it! For day-in, day-out makeup I just want slightly defined eyes, gorgeous skin, but not so that you feel like you’re wearing loads of makeup. It’s just a very natural look that feels effortless!

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Watch the video below to see how I create the look, and to hear more about my collaboration with Max Factor.

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