Original by Anja Rubik

Supermodel Anja Rubik, one of the coolest girls in fashion has launched a personal fragrance.

Image Credit @ Anja Rubik by Paola Kudacki

Original is a fresh, light blend of woody and amber hues harmonized with the aroma of white lilies. It is a unique scent that it is very personal and will smell different from person to person, perfect if you don’t want to smell like anyone else.  If you want to replicate Anja’s free spirit and personal style this is a beautiful fragrance for day or gorgeous summer evenings. A must have for any fashionista!

Image Credit @ Anja Rubik by Paola Kudacki

Here is some behind-the-scenes footage of the Original campaign…

2 minutes with…

Anja Rubik

Top personal items you take everywhere with you?

Original by Anja Rubik, Black Denim (the brand) tuxedo jacket, My Celine moccasins, Ingot black eyeliner, Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow Almond, MAC Face & Body,Yonelle Eye Patches.

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