Hero Ingredient: Polyglutamic Acid

In the quest for super smooth, hydrated skin, you may think that you’ve found all the answers. But then along comes another ‘super ingredient’ and makes you rethink everything. Enter polyglutamic acid, the new skincare hero that could be just the ticket for banishing dry skin for good.

Image Credit @ Jan Welters for Vogue Netherlands

Simply drinking enough water isn’t always enough to banish dry skin. The reason we rely on skincare for soft, hydrated skin is to boost the water content of our skin cells. For some time we’ve been looking to hyaluronic acid as the super skincare ingredient to do this, but new skincare hero polyglutamic acid might just knock it off the top spot in our regimes. But what is it?


Image Credit @ Jan Welters for Vogue Netherlands

What is Polyglutamic Acid?

Moisturisers usually fall into one of two categories. They either help your skin to retain more water (these are called ‘humectant’) or stop your skin for losing moisture by creating a barrier over the top of skin (these are called ‘occlusive agents’). Hyaluronic acid falls into the first category, holding up to 100 times its weight in water to help boost your complexion’s hydration and leave you with more moisturised skin. Polyglutamic acid on the other hand, crossed both camps of products, and can reportedly hold even more water than hyaluronic acid, while also forming a film on skin to help prevent the loss of moisture, to boot.

But it isn’t necessarily a case of replacing your hyaluronic acid with a polyglutamic acid product. The two work together, with the hyaluronic acid penetrating the deeper levels of the skin and helping subsequent products work better.

Polyglutamic acid also works well as a primer, since it leaves a silky film over skin to lock in moisture. So if you do add one into your skincare regime and find that your usual moisturiser leaves skin a little too slick before makeup, try replacing your day cream with your polyglutamic acid as the last skin prep step pre foundation.

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