Pick Me Up! Rowe Knows… Ageless Beauty

As we age factors such as gravity, lack of collagen and elasticity play a part in the natural process of ageing. Skin texture changes and the structure of the face begin to fall. To help stop everything from going south, here are some non-invasive options with little to no down time for those who are too sacred to go under the knife…

Dr Haus Ultheraphy Treatment

Currently the only doctor on Harley Street to offer this non-invasive facelift using a combination of Ultheraphy and Triniti. Triniti plus uses 2 platforms with three steps and the Ultheraphy procedure uses ultrasound energy. This works with the body’s own natural healing process to strengthen weak collagen and tighten loose skin. Only as painful as your first leg wax this treatment will improve skin texture, complexion and firmness with zero downtime. Advised for those who are 40 plus, the results are effective but slight so if you are looking for something extreme this treatment is not for you.

My story for Man About Town, Photographed by Camilla Akrans

Jade Facial Roller

Described as a ‘regular gym workout for the face’ the facial rollers from Ying Yu are made from pure Jade. A stone traditionally used in Chinese medicine to expel toxin build up within the body. Designed for use every morning to plump out wrinkles and tone facial muscles.

Skyn Iceland Eye Gels

The skin under our eyes is extremely delicate. These cooling eye gels will smooth out wrinkles and banish puffiness in just 10 minutes, great for people on the go.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Chin and Jaw Mask

Perfect for an instant lower face-lift, these affordable sling masks contain a combination of hyaluronic acid, plant collagen and vitamin C to protect, firm, tighten and brighten all in one. This works for sure, great before a night out.