Fashion Week

So Fashion Week has finished for another season; we saw the beginning of a new trend in SS16 towards individuality, where the looks were changed up and tailored from model to model. It's a big departure from tradition - for years the formula for the shows was that every girl had the same makeup, so it's exciting to see artists at big shows like Givenchy and Louis Vuitton (and of course the Burberry show), changing things up, and keeping it fresh. Here are some of the trends that have inspired me the most from what was an exciting round of shows this season...

The Trends...


Inspired by that girl you might see on the street who's not conventionally beautiful, but who's stylish and pulling off a look, there were lots of unconventional makeup looks this season. The feeling is all about using traditional elements in non-traditional ways, opting for looking 'cool' over looking 'pretty', like this assured look from Celine.


Statement lips - including deep velvet reds and berry tones - were big this season (including my makeup for Burberry), and finished in a non-traditional way; the look is kept modern by using no mascara and a neutral palette to really pull focus on the dramatic lip. I especially loved the modern looks at Prada and Miu Miu.


There’s an androgynous feeling coming through, which is quite exciting - executed with nude makeup, a stronger brow and a kind of a twist on the nudes; notable mentions include the late 80s skin-head-inspired looks at Prada, and the 90s-inspired anti-fashion aesthetic at Vetements.

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