Stay Well: A Guide To Vitamin D

Staying well has never been more important. But how much impact does getting the right nutrients have on our health? With links between vitamin D levels and the impact of Covid-19, how can you make sure you’re getting enough of the nutrient? And what impact can it have on your skin?

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With some studies suggesting that having adequate levels of vitamin D is a good step in defending against viruses such as coronavirus, more people than ever have been considering supplementation. With the impact of lockdown meaning that more people have been spending extra time indoors and the colder weather just around the corner, it’s likely that you might not be getting enough of the vitamin through sun exposure alone. But what exactly is vitamin D, and what does it do? And how can it help strengthen our immune system? Finally, can it give us better skin?

Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Harpers Baazar US

Everything You Should Know About Vitamin D

What Does Vitamin D Do?

Vitamin D regulates calcium making it essential for healthy teeth and bones. It also helps to support a healthy mind, cardiovascular and immune system, so it plays a vital role in our all-around health!

Can It Give You Better Skin?

In short, yes. Having healthy levels of vitamin D has been proven to help prevent premature skin ageing, reduce the risk of certain chronic conditions and even improve mood. Unfortunately, being deficient in the vitamin is quite common, particularly in the colder autumn and winter months where we are exposed to less sunlight.

How Can You Get Enough?

The best way we can boost our vitamin D levels is to get outside in the sun, since our bodies produce the vitamin as a result of sun exposure. This can obviously be tricky, and wearing SPF also decreases our bodies’ ability to produce the vitamin, so it is also advisable to eat foods rich in the vitamin, including salmon, mackerel, sardines and eggs and to consider a supplement, too. BetterYou make a spray supplement, which is one of the easiest ways for your body to absorb the vitamin.

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