Cryo for Beauty

Cryotherapy improves skin tone and may alleviate existing skin conditions. It also reduces cellulite and signs of aging.

You might have already heard of Cryotherapy, the latest freezing therapy, credited with boosting metabolism, speeding up the body’s recovery process and even reducing signs of ageing. A favourite of many Hollywood stars and A-listers, I went along to have a go myself – get the full lowdown here…

Where did you go?

I went to Drive Club in Soho, NY.

What was it like?

Absolutely freezing! I knew it would be super cold, but it really creeps up on you and it’s just so incredibly cold it’s actually really hard to stay in the chamber for the full time. I wanted to give it a go to see if it would help ease any sports injuries that I had from working out, and after one session, I have to say I didn’t feel a massive difference although I think maybe you need to have a few sessions to start seeing the benefits.

Would you try it again?

Yes, I think I would. If they had a chamber at the gym where I work out then I’d definitely do it regularly.

What did you feel like afterwards?

It was a really hot day in New York when I went for my session, and afterwards, I felt like I could tell it was really warm outside, but my body stayed feeling nice and cool for quite a while afterwards.

What is it?

Cryotherapy or “Cryo” as it’s often referred to, is conducted in a device called a cold sauna or a cryo chamber. Liquid nitrogen is pumped into the chamber and rapidly cool the skin’s surface.

What does it do?

Cryotherapy has a range of uses across Beauty, Sport, Wellness and even Medicine.

Cryo Feature Image - Image Credit - Camilla Akrans Eat Beautiful
Image Credit – Camilla Akrans

Cryo for Beauty

Cryotherapy rapidly cools the body temperature leading to a boost in circulation. This sudden cooling process works to help improve skin tone and over time, is credited with reducing cellulite and boosting dull skin.

Cryo for Weight Loss

The sudden cooling of the body temperature shocks the body into survival mode, boosting the metabolism and triggering the body to start burning fat supplies to help the body survive the cold.

Cryo for Athletes

Whole body cryotherapy works in a similar way to an ice bath or when you ice a sprained ankle. The sudden cooling of the skin during Cryotherapy triggers healing responses and so Athletes use Cryotherapy to reduce muscle recovery time, enabling them to train harder and help get the most from their performance.

Cryo for Wellness

Cryotherapy is credited with boosting endorphins, which work to naturally improve mood and increase energy levels.

Cryo for Medicine

Cryo was actually originally designed to give immediate pain relief to arthritis sufferers. In more recent years, Doctors have used cryotherapy to treat a number of different types of cancers, including abnormal cells on the cervix and for basal cell skin cancer.


Always seek medical advice before embarking on Cryotherapy sessions and make sure to enter the chamber in totally dry clothing to avoid the risk of frostbite which can occur if you are wearing damp or wet clothing.

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