Brand New: My YouTube Channel

Ready to update your look, your diet, your lifestyle for 2018? I’m right here with you. Let me introduce you to my brand new look YouTube channel… Welcome to my world!

I love being in touch with with my followers and readers on my website and through social media, and this year I’ve relaunched my YouTube channel so that I can really get hands-on in connecting with you all and helping to share my beauty knowledge and expertise.

Check out my new look channel:

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I’ve been a makeup artist for over 20 years, you might have seen some of my magazine covers, some of the red carpet looks I’ve created, and the fashion and beauty campaigns I’ve worked on.

In my new YouTube series, you can come backstage at fashion week with me, come on set to shoots, and I’ll introduce you to my favourite new products and show you how to use them. I’ll also be having some of my friends on to chat and tell me their secrets, too…

Stay tuned – I can’t wait to share more with you. Welcome to my world!

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