Blurred Lines: Genderless Style

Nowadays, the need to define and compartmentalise gender is thoroughly old fashioned. Naturally, as attitudes towards equality have shifted over the years, society has evolved and our approach to style has developed too, with the line between male and female ever more blurred when it comes to fashion…

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Image Credit @ Camilla Akrans for Contributor Magazine

When it comes to model castings for the runway, I’ve noticed that a lot of the girls often look quite boyish, with cute, shorter hairstyles and a lot of the boys look quite feminine, with longer hair and softer facial features. Model agents are now representing successful transgender models too, and last week, supermodel, Hanne Gaby made headline news when she fearlessly spoke out to raise awareness about gender ambiguity, revealing that she is intersex.

I love that things have taken a more gender-neutral shift over the years. It shouldn’t be important what gender someone identifies with or what style people want to use to express their individuality.

Image Credit @ Burberry by Angelo Pennetta

I’ve always been a fan of boyish fashion; boyfriend jeans, sweatshirts, a classic white shirt, a tailored jacket or tuxedo, a great pair of tailored trousers, and only last week I went into Burberry and came out with a bomber jacket from the menswear range (actually the same one that Iris Law wore in the recent Beauty Campaign) – there’s something really cool and easy about these sorts of classic pieces and I think they look great on both women and men.

Women are wearing menswear, men are wearing sequins and lace, and frequently both women and men are wearing makeup too.

Toni and Niklas Garrn copy
Model Siblings, Toni & Niklas Garrn

Model siblings, Toni and Niklas Garrn, have recently launched a genderless 12-piece capsule collection for Closed called EQL, which is super cool and contains essential staples that work for any wardrobe. Here are my top picks from their range:

  1. Wool Mix Coat
  2. Bomber Jacket
  3. White T-Shirt

“This collaboration means a lot to me because it’s a family project with my brother, with whom I don’t usually get to work a lot. I am dedicated to women’s and girls’ rights and this campaign is about equality, so it embodies everything I care for”

Toni Garrn

Find out more about Toni’s work as an ambassador for equality charity Because I am a Girl 

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