Spring Clean your Makeup Bag

Spring is a great time to have a clear out, with our homes and wardrobes often top of the agenda, but did you realise just how important it is to review the contents of your makeup bag?

When I talk about spring cleaning your makeup bag, I’m not just talking about updating your beauty look for the season (although it’s a great time to kill two birds with one stone, check out my latest makeup posts here). I’m actually talking about giving your products a health-check. You wouldn’t go for a year without cleaning out your fridge, and your makeup bag should be no different – these are products we use on our faces day in, day out and they contain use-by dates, which it can be dangerous to our health to ignore…

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Here are my top tips…


Always make sure to clean your brushes. A good brush cleansing solution is one of my all time kit essentials.


If a product smells off, then it probably is off so don’t risk keeping it!


Ensure you use hand sanitiser – Jao Hand Refresher is one of my staples.


Make sure to keep cosmetics away from heat and direct sunlight.


Old Sponges


Disposable Applicators

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