New In My Kit: Part One

The Beauty Industry moves fast, so I’m always on the look out for the best new formulas, textures and colours to make sure I’ve got the latest, greatest products in my kit. Here are some of the things that recently made the grade…


In my professional kit, I need products that I can really rely on – mascara’s that don’t flake and drop, bright colours that have enough pigment to show up in harsh studio lighting, powders that don’t look white in flash lighting.

So I’m always busy trying out new products to work out if they’re actually worth lugging around the world with me in my heavy makeup suitcases!

Some of the things I recently decided would be good to have are:

Glamcor Lights

Glamcor Classic Ultra Makeup Lights

Often, when I’m at work, the natural lighting isn’t great – especially in hotel rooms when I get people ready for red carpet events. It’s obviously super important to have good light when I do makeup, so I bought these lights recently and they are great! They fold up nice and compact to make them portable, and the light quality is very bright and mimics natural daylight. They also come with an attachable mirror and tripod stand and you can move the lights to get them in whatever position you need them angled at.

Temptu Airbrush

Temptu Airbrush

When I was at the Makeup Show in New York recently, I bought this airbrush and have had fun trying it out. Although I don’t think airbrushing can ever totally replace the skill of applying makeup with a brush or hands, it is useful for creating a glowy look on the skin, or for creating a seamlessly graded airbrush effect, fading from one colour to another. The only thing is that it’s not very easy to fix if a model touches their face and it doesn’t dry that fast either, so you have to be very careful not to mess it up once you’ve achieved the look you want!

3INA mascara

3INA Waterproof Definition Mascara

I tried this new mascara from 3INA out on myself to see if I liked it before deciding it was up to kit standards! It has a really unique brush shape a bit like a comb that ensures lashes don’t look clumpy. It doesn’t drop or flake either, so it’s a handy one to have in my kit and my makeup bag.

Cat Liner

Burberry Cat Liner 

I’ve been using a prototype of this new eyeliner for ages backstage, but it’s only just launched so I’ve had to keep it a secret until now! This liner has the finest brush tip on the liquid end, enabling you to create super precise, highly pigmented liner looks – you can keep it really fine and close to the lash line or build it up for a dramatic liner look. The other end has a handy shadow which is great for underneath the eye or in the socket line. It’s truly innovative; you might think you’ve seen it before, but trust me, there’s nothing else like this on the market.

Decleor White Petal Concentrate

Hydra Floral White Petal Concentrate

This new concentrate from Decleor is designed to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation, whilst simultaneously hydrating and restoring radiance to the skin. It contains Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Pea extract and White Petal to brighten, as well as Chamomile and Rose Water to calm and balance the skin. It comes in clear liquid formula, which absorbs into the skin quickly – great as a booster under moisturiser without overloading the skin.

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