How To: Get The Flawless Skin Makeup Look

I was on This Morning earlier in the week showing you how to get Flawless Skin through diet, skincare and makeup. A lot of people have asked me, so here I can exclusively reveal the skincare and makeup products I used to create the Flawless Skin look…

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Great skincare is super-important and it’s a vital step before applying makeup.


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I like to massage a cream cleanser into the skin to help lift and define the contours of the face as a first step. It allows me to get the skin in a really good place and remove any loose bits of flaky, dry skin. I think of it as prepping my canvas and would never start a makeup look without cleansing first.

On my model, Dee, I used Estee Lauder Take It Away Cream Cleanser. After massaging it into the skin, I removed it using damp cotton pads, soaked in water.

Next, I applied moisturiser to hydrate the skin. I used Decleor’s Hydra Floral Light Cream – it’s one of my failsafe favourites; it’s effective and suitable for even the most sensitive of skin-types.

Finally, I applied Decleor’s Aromalisse Eye Wrinkle Eraser Cream to smoothe the eye area. Just apply it in a c-shape to the area around the outer corner of the eye. The skin around the eye is really delicate, so be gentle as you tap it in.


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I started off the makeup look by applying Burberry’s Fresh Glow Nude Radiance to the skin. I pumped the product into my hands and applied it like you would a moisturiser, to the entire face and down the neck.

Next, I applied the Burberry Face Contour Pen – I used the Medium shade on Dee, focusing on defining the cheekbones, underneath the jawline and down the nose. I then used a brush to blend the contour seamlessly.

After contour, I applied Burberry’s Sheer Concealer – I used Soft Beige number 2 to do this on Dee – just applying it on the high point of the cheekbones, on the bow of the lip, a little on the chin and between the eyebrows to add highlights to the face. I then blended it with a finger.

Where there was any darkness underneath the eye, I applied Burberry’s Sheer Concealer in number Rosy Beige 3 – a peachy tone, to counter any blueness. Just apply the concealer in the darkest area and tap out with a finger to blend. Usually the darkest area is in the deep part of the hollow where the eye socket is.

To blend the contour and concealer together for a flawless finish, I applied Burberry’s Fresh Glow Foundation lightly over the top of everything using a brush – I used shade 26 Beige on Dee.

Once I had applied the foundation, I went back in with a little of the Burberry Sheer Concealer in number 2, just in any areas where it was needed – around the side of the nose and on any imperfections.

To set the foundation and concealer in place and to flatten any shine in areas where you don’t want it, I applied Mac’s Blot Pressed Powder in Medium with a brush – just underneath the eyes, around the sides of the nose, leaving the rest of the skin looking luminous and dewy.

As a final touch, I applied a bit of colour back into the cheeks for a healthy look using Nars’ Matte Multiple in Altai.

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