Weather-Proof Makeup: The Best Long-Lasting Foundations

Whether you’re attending a wedding or party and need a look that will last all day, or you simply need to weather-proof your makeup for the new season, I’m here to help. Follow my guide to create the perfect long-lasting look.

Image Credit @ Daniel Jackson for Harpers Bazaar US

Struggling to find a skin colour that will last all day? Whether I’m working on a show look or prepping a client for a TV or red-carpet appearance, it’s important that the look I create stays put. Rather than counting on traditional long-wear foundations, I always place more importance on skin prep and finish. If you apply your foundation of choice correctly, it should last all day with just the occasional touch-up.

Image Credit @ Daniel Jackson for Harpers Bazaar US

6 Steps to Long-Lasting Foundation

  1. Prep

    Never apply foundation to skin that isn’t completely clean, so start with a cleanse. If the skin is balanced and clean then it will produce less oil, meaning the foundation will wear well for longer.

    Read my post on how to get perfectly clean and clear skin, here.

  2. You also shouldn’t need a primer if you have prepped the skin correctly, and the fewer layers sitting on the skin the better.
  3. Application

    Foundation shouldn’t mask your natural skin, just even out texture and tone, so always choose a shade that is as close to an exact match as you can. Test on your jawline, rather than your arm.

  4. Apply a light layer of your chosen product (my go-to is always Burberry Fresh Glow) with a brush.
  5. Touch up any imperfections or blemishes after applying your foundation with concealer.
  6. Finally, to set your colour, use a powder to remove excess shine such as MAC’s Blot Powder.

Always think of your makeup as an enhancement on your natural skin; your look shouldn’t be fixed like a mask; this will also help with the longevity of the look as it will wear better the more natural it is.

My Top 5 Long-Lasting Foundations

  • Burberry Fresh Glow

    One of my absolute heroes, this provides enough coverage to make skin look flawless, but it still looks like real skin, which is really important to me.

  • Vichy Dermablend

    Dermablend is a great option if you want a heavier coverage. It’s especially good for masking minor to moderate skin conditions such as acne, blemishes, rosacea and dark circles.

  • Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation

    This oil-free, water-based foundation is a good option for oily or shine-prone skin. It’s available in liquid or powder format, the powder option is a great one for on-the-go touch-ups.

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer

    This concealer provides a really good coverage for touch-ups post-foundation application. It’s waterproof and long-wearing to cover blemishes and dark circles.

  • Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation

    Despite being a long-wearing foundation, this formula is still lightweight, so your skin still looks natural.

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