What do your Spots mean?

It can be tempting when faced with persistent spots and breakouts to go to extreme lengths to tackle them. But the truth is, when it comes to blemishes, you’re better off taking a more targeted approach.

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Having gorgeous skin can have an enormous impact on our self-confidence, so tackling spots is often top of people’s beauty agenda. But do you know what your spots mean? Did you know that forehead spots are different to chin spots? And that blemishes on your cheeks mean something entirely different again? Everyone’s different, but using basic face mapping techniques, you can hopefully get a little bit closer to understanding what your spots mean, what’s causing them, and most importantly, how to banish them.

Image Credit @ Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris

Face Mapping: What Do Your Spots Mean?

What do Spots on the Cheeks Mean?

Spots in these areas, often associated with acne, can be the most stubborn and difficult to conceal. While they can be down to the oil levels in your skin, it is also worth cutting down on meat and dairy to see if it makes a difference, due to the hormonal imbalances these food groups can cause. Sugar is another trigger for spots in this area.

What do Forehead Spots Mean?

While some people who have a fringe might find that the oil in their hair is causing breakouts, spots in this area can also be dietary. If you’re getting a lot of spots on your forehead, try cutting down on red meat and alcohol.

What to Spots on the Chin Mean?

These spots are hormonal, so the chances are if you are prone to spots on the chin, they’ll come back around the same time each month. Unfortunately, aside from eating as healthily as possible and drinking plenty of water, there isn’t much you can do to prevent breakouts on the chin.

What to Spots on the Jawline Mean?

Spots on the jawline (which are harder to see but very annoying if you have them!) often pop up after a heavy weekend of over-indulgence. This is because they are linked with the large intestine, and congestion suggests you’re eating too many processed foods. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to counteract this. (There are plenty of recipe ideas in my book Eat Beautiful!)

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