BTS: Self Service 43: Part Two…

Ezra and Melanie are dear friends of mine, it was a pleasure to work with them on this shoot and watch them spar off each other creatively. I love watching old friends work together, creative relationships are so fascinating. The letter Ezra wrote to Melanie in the opening pages of the magazine was so honest I had to share it. Below are some of my favourite excerpts and some behind the scenes images from the shoot.


“Dear Melanie, I remember the first time I met you. It was 1993, just about a year before we started Self Service magazine. It was a while ago, before the Internet, or emails, before the Eurostar and even before we made magazines with computers.”

“You represented everything we aspired to: a free-spirited independence, a progressive view on fashion and a contemporary sense of style and beauty.”


“You still carry with you that same desire to impact the world we live in and make people look beautiful, and all with such emotional intelligence.” – Ezra