“I wear mascara every Saturday” – Lena Dunham

This week we look at what the Season 5 premiere of Girls can teach us about beauty trends in 2016.


In the Season 5 premiere of Girls, I laughed out loud when Hannah defensively responded to Marnie’s overbearing wedding makeup artist who asked if she “even” wore makeup. Her response “Yes, I wear mascara every Saturday” struck a chord with me, because it’s become more and more common for me to save mascara application for the important meetings or dinner invitations only… every Saturday!

Shoshanna, Hannah, Jessa and Marnie in the season 5 premiere of Girls. Credit: Mark Schafer/HBO

It often surprises people to learn I don’t wear that much makeup, but we have discussed this before. What I found so funny about this moment in Girls was the incorrigible honesty that Lena Dunham manages to portray in her characters by capturing these moments of our lives and reflecting them back to us on screen.

I thought Hannah’s statement was a significant one for the beauty industry. With the no-makeup-makeup trend having coincided with the impressive growth of the wellness industry, there is no escaping the fact that we are all more interested in looking like we don’t care, that we have a natural glow, further consolidated by the “dishevelled makeup” trends we saw on the AW16 runways. Our expectations of beauty are changing as we wear less and less makeup, or look to portray a dishevelled “I don’t care” attitude when we do.

Below are some of the ways this has manifested in beauty trends on the catwalk and off, as we all slowly embrace “wearing mascara every Saturday.”

  1. Just mascara:

    Be sure to curl your eye lashes first, using an eye lash curler like this one from Shiseido.

    Product: Organic Pharmacy Mascara, Shiseido Eyelash Curler, Burberry Bold Lash Mascara

  2. Bold lips with a smudgy edge:

    The look has been described as “worn in” like you’ve been kissing someone or have thrown on some lipstick after being out and about all day. It’s all about an imperfect lip line, created with a cue tip after applying a dark shade of lipstick.

    Product: Burberry Lip Velvet Oxblood, Kevyn Aucoin The Matte Lip Colour, L’Oreal Lip Palette by Colour Riche

  3. Dishevelled eye:

    Like the eye I did for the latest Burberry show, a little imperfect eyeliner, a little glitter, a little mascara. Don’t over think it.

    Product: Burberry glitter, Effortless kohl eyeliner

  4. Natural eye:

    For me the perfect shade for this is an almond or a light grey.

    Product: Burberry complete eye palette – mocha, Burberry eye colour cream – charcoalTom Ford Cream Color in Platinum

  5. Flawless, glowing, amazing skin:

    Product: Burberry fresh glow luminous fluid base – golden radiance, Burberry fresh glow highlighting luminous pen, Burberry BB cream, NARS multiple stick.